Thursday, May 20, 2004

So Little Time

This is my second attempt at poetry. Am I entering into the mushy realm? Possibly.

I don’t really call myself a poet, but on occasion I get the urge to at least attempt to write something profound.

So here it is, submitted for all to comment on.

Be gentle…

So Little Time

Time is ever flowing
We won't be here again
A moment passed may be our last
You can't predict the end

How will we spend our lives?
With whom and for how long?
We work and play throughout each day
Yet sing the same old song

You may ask is this all?
Can this be what's in store?
For human beings on the Earth
Just this and nothing more?

Tell the ones you love
Each day you get the chance
That they are all apart of you
And cause your heart to dance

You can't look at the last page
In the book about your life
It's here and now you have to live
Through all the joy or strife

So here's to you, the human race
Enjoy life, don’t keep score
Cast off the hatred and the pace
Because it is this, and nothing more.

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