Sunday, May 02, 2004

Do You Believe In Magick?

Until recently I must say that I didn’t believe in magick. You are seeing the word spelled as I wish it to be. In the realm and study of magick, the “k” is added to make the distinction between the type of magic performed by a parlor magician, and the type of magick performed by someone who is studying the art of the craft.

Now don’t run away. I have heard that some of you even delete the announcement of new articles before even reading them. If this website offends you merely ask to be removed from the site, and I will be happy to remove your name from the membership.

If you’re still with me, and curious as to what the heck I’m talking about now, click on “Read more...” and we’ll begin.

Someone who knows I enjoy a good read about all things spiritual, mystical, and fascinating, recommended a book to me called, “Real Magic” by Isaac Bonewits.

Although I am only about half way through the book, the current revelation I have had was basically setup in the first few pages. Since those pages I have now studied things with a slightly different slant in my viewpoint.

Isaac Bonewits, after going through many reference works and various experts in the field of magick, comes to the following definition of magick.

“’Magic’ is an art and a science for dealing with particular types of knowledge, the manipulation of which will produce results that will astound and amaze the uninformed.”

In the next paragraph he rearranges the thought a bit and states that,

“The science and art of magic deals with a body of knowledge that, for one reason or another, has not yet been fully investigated or confirmed by the other arts and sciences.”

In his view, magick is merely the study of so far unexplained science. He also mentions that most of the science we have today got its start in magick. When you think about the Medicine Man, Shamen, and other healers throughout history, all of our modern medical miracles were first based in magick. The medicine we take in all the little pills, shots, and ointments would be considered magick in their natural form when used by Native Americans and other pre-modern societies.

Based on this current definition, you could say that I am leaning toward becoming a magician. I won’t be pulling rabbits out of my hat, or wowing an audience with card tricks, but I will be continuing to study things that are so far not in the mainstream of science.

Where will I go from here? As with most of you I’m never really sure where each path I head down will lead. For now I enjoy the study of the unknown, or the path less traveled. I love a good mystery and have never been a sheep that followed anything blindly. In fact, if I notice that I am starting to become part of a herd I tend to move in a different direction.

Peer pressure never really had much of an affect on me. It’s probably this reason I have never been into experimenting with drugs, drinking large quantities of alcohol, or smoking. I have always made up my own mind, and did the things that I felt was right and true.

Heck I have no clue what life is all about and probably never will. Nobody truly knows that the road they are on leads to the promise land, or that they have all of the answers to the meaning of life and why we are on this planet.

Oh sure, they can quote things from their belief system, but so can many other people from many different cultures and many different belief systems. It’s nice to think that you are one of the few who got it 100% correct.

Some of us lost souls are still trying to figure this whole mess out.

There are days I think it would be nice to just give in and dive into one organization. The thing that prevents me from doing this is the feeling of giving up. The feeling of settling for something I don’t truly believe in. So on I plod looking for answers and usually finding nothing but more questions.

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