Tuesday, May 25, 2004

In Your Dreams

This is a new topic I’m calling, “In Theory”.

What you will read in this topic will more then likely be things that are wholly unfounded, but hopefully they will make you take a step back and think for a few minutes.

Are these theories real, or am I just pulling your leg? You shouldn’t ask yourself if this is fake, but perhaps ask yourself what if it’s true?

My first venture into this topic revolves around your dreams. This is no ordinary dream analysis though. A journey into your dreams may just mean you have literally entered the twilight zone.

Ever since I was young I had this theory about dreams. There have been many books on the subject, so I’m not even certain if my thought coincides with any other researcher. To call myself a dream researcher would be inaccurate. The only dreams I have studied have been my own, and these have not been scientifically analyzed.

Consider this. When you lay down at night, and drift off to sleep, what is actually happening to you? Most of you are thinking that you merely rest for your eight hours and then wake up again ready to start the new day. I say you are wrong.

Have you ever woke up tired already? Have you woke up sweating, yet the house was cool? Sometimes you may even wake up in the middle of what you consider to be an erotic encounter. If these things have happened to you let me explain what I believe is going on.

Many scientists have toyed with the idea of alternate universes. The theory goes that there are alternate versions of us living out their lives in a different universe or dimension then our own. I know this all sounds a bit wacky, until you hear my take on what is actually happening to us.

When we go to sleep in this universe, we are waking up in an alternate reality. Not just a reality of our subconscious, but a no-kidding alternate universe. Is my name Rick in this alternate universe? So far there is insufficient data to determine if we retain our identities while we slip into this parallel existence. What we do know, however, is that we do go somewhere, and seem to be active in another life.

There is a school of thought that says if you die in your dreams then you can die in this reality. Think about this as it fits into my theory.

It just makes sense that if we are living some symbiotic life with another version of ourselves in an alternate reality, if our alternate persona gets killed, there is no way to transfer the essence that makes up the second life back so you can wake up. Without the Yin, there is no Yang.

A biological safety valve within our brains protects us from confusing our second lives with our lives we live with here and now. When we start to remember things from the alternate realm our brains suppress that recollection and all we end up with is fragments, what we call dreams.

Now since the alternate universe is just as real as the one we call real, it can affect us physically. If you are in a stressful situation in your alternate existence, and then you wake up quickly on this side of the curtain, you may still be sweating and have a rapid heartbeat. Maybe you were knocked unconscious on the other side just as you were waking up here. We still don’t know the ramifications of the close link to this alternate reality.

We make jokes about falling asleep during an intimate encounter. I submit that of this happens in our twin, we wake up feeling the twinges of an erotic moment. Have you ever noticed these always leave you worked up, but never fulfilled?

Finally, this explains why people believe in reincarnation. Some folks swear that reincarnation is real because they can remember things from their past lives. Is it any further of a stretch to accept that these are not past lives, but actual current lives in an alternate, yet parallel dimension?

So there you have it, my first theory in this topic area. Can this possibly be true? Have you just went along with everyone else in your false assumption that dreams are the left over random firing of your brain as it deals with a state of rest?

Now you have something new to think about as you drift off to sleep. See if you can catch a glimpse of the alternate location as you doze off to sleep, or awake suddenly from your next slumber.

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